Toby's World Gifts

Temporarily Closed

Thank you all for your support! We could not have enjoyed nearly 17 long years of success as Toby's World Gifts - first in Little River and then in North Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, business at the Majestic Business Center has not been up to the levels we needed to continue operating and family health issues have created new challenges that we were not prepared for. Because of this, Toby's World Gifts has temporarily closed at its location in North Myrtle Beach. Please stay tuned to this website for more updates on the next step for Toby's!

Unique, Affordable, Quality

Bring home special gifts for friends, family, and yourself when you shop at Toby's World Gifts. You'll find unique gifts for any occasion, from candles starting under $10 to sterling silver jewelry set with semi-precious stones.

Supporting American Companies

Support American businesses when you buy from Toby's! Most of our gifts come from small businesses right here in the United States! From local artisans to small and medium sized companies in Colorado, North Carolina, and Ohio, shop secure in the knowledge that you're helping your neighbors build their dreams.

While some of our companies source from overseas, many of these suppliers strive to keep as much of their production as possible here in the States.

Showcasing Global Artisans

Experience the talent of people from around the world! From hand carved ceramics out of Uruguay to hand blown glass from Seattle, Washington, you'll find amazing gifts and home decor made by the most skilled of individuals! Bring home unique and wonderful finds, including pottery from California and Mexico, figurines from Pennsylvania, hand painted wine glasses from North Carolina, and jewelry out of Indonesia!

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